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Where courageous content meets creative culture


We strive to transform the depiction of female leadership in modern media.​


Irina Meyer

Founder & CEO

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Gunnar Link


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Jackie Harvel



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Chief of Staff

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The Full Story

 Creating a bridge that can connect us all. 

Mama Lion is a women-owned production house committed to crafting stories that showcase women from all over the world who face hardships and persevere.  

We create more empathy and understanding of each other by examining the values and life lessons that are produced from tales of exceptional women. 


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“The world does not see your pain, it only sees what you have done with it."

Irina Meyer, Ceo Mama Lion 

Documentary       Scripted          Animation        Interactive Media

I 'm Not A Princess

A biographical documentary explores modern womanhood's struggles through the eyes of Irina Meyer, an angel investor, mother, and rebellious Russian woman who continues to claw out a space for women in business.


Her story is not a series of unfortunate events but a guidebook for other women who need a source of strength.

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